Apache RV Customs
5075 Cameron St. Suite A
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Tel: 702-534-0400
Fax: 702-534-0404

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Employment Opportunities

RV Technician
  • Must have 6+ years of experience as an RV Technician
  • Knowledge of electrical, plumbing, appliances, hydraulics, satellites & power/livability systems

RV Renovation Tech
  • Must be experienced in flooring, carpentry, cabinetry, electrical & welding

RV Technician Intern
  • Must have basic knowledge of electrical, plumbing, appliances & a mechanical mindset

RV Service Writer
  • Must have 10+ years experience as an RV Service Writer
  • Knowledge of parts, extended warranty, scheduling & customer relations
  • Proficient with computers, technology & communication

Fax or email your resume to 702-534-0404 or info@apachervservice.com