TwoBears Medina (Designer/Builder) - Fresh Start Mobile Shower Unit

TwoBears Medina offers the homeless of Las Vegas a fresh start with mobile shower unit.

It all started when a group of eight guys from Clean the World walked into TwoBears Medina's office at Apache RV Customs. They had the idea of building a mobile shower unit built for the homeless and disaster relief out of a recreational vehicle (RV). They were told that the idea was not viable. Still, TwoBears Medina, owner of Apache RV Customs, accepted the challenge and came up with the concept of constructing one using a recycled 40-foot naval trailer that would allow for a design of four complete bathrooms with walk-in showers, dressing areas, and climate control. They loved it and in conjunction with Sands Cares they proceeded with the project.

First job was finding the naval trailer. This was found in California at a government surplus facility. Then TwoBears scratched his head as how to install the plumbing so as to withstand moving on the highway, plus the wear and tear of thousands of people using the facility. He took into consideration the possibility of needles being flushed down toilets, sinks being sat on, and graffiti written on the walls. He knew the rooms needed to be made military grade and functional, yet pleasing to the eye. So luxury recycled vinyl flooring, polished aluminum and hardwood accents were used.

Each bathroom has its own power. There is a sink, toilet, and shower with its own waste tanks, fresh water tank, and 12- volt battery-powered system. The climate control and power plant runs off a recycled Onan generator. This design is advantageous because if one bath fails, the others are still operable.

In order to conserve water, each bathroom is equipped with a tankless water heater, pull chain showerhead, push pedal tankless toilet, and push button faucets. There is a timing system with a green and red light inside the door allowing each person 20 minutes. When the inside light turns red, meaning it is time to exit, a red and white strobe light outside flashes so that the operator can make sure the occupant exits. The strobe is also a safety component in case someone might slip and fall and be unable to exit.

The trailer is built so that in the future, if a solar kit is donated, it can be easily added.

Medina states, "It has been an honor and privilege for me and my crew at Apache RV Customs to have been chosen to serve the community and build this slice of home comfort and help give dignity and confidence to the homeless in getting a fresh start."